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 "Our office focuses on the client.  That means we place a premium on zealous representation, vigorous negotiation techniques and above all absolute honesty. With over 40 jury trials and countless court appearances throughout Georgia, we guarantee effective, comprehensive, legal representation for all of our clients.  At the Law Offices of Caleb Avraham, the client is an integral part of how the case is litigated.  No client will ever feel left out or that their opinions don't matter.  This is YOUR case and The Law Offices of Caleb Avraham are your greatest advocates."​ 


About Us

Criminal Defense


We represent clients charged with a variety of crimes.  Whether its a simple misdemeanor or a serious felony.  The Law Offices of Caleb Avraham will treat each case with the same level of care and sophistication no matter how serious the offense.

Workers' compensation


Have you been injured at work? Contact us to today to help preserve all of your rights and protections under the Georgia's Workers' Compensation law. We work efficiently and effectively to get you the settlement you deserve

Personal Injury


If you've been injured in an accident the Law offices of Caleb Avraham will work hard so that you receive just compensation. No matter how big or simple the injury, each case will be vigorously negotiated to reach the best possible outcome.