Workers' Compensation


A workplace injury can happen at anytime and to anyone. Whether you work in an office, or on a construction site, you may one day suffer a workplace injury that keeps you from performing your job duties for an unspecified amount of time. It is very important to know what your rights are as an injured employee, and what your employer is obligated to do by law to assist you. The Law Offices of Caleb Avraham can make sure that you get your benefits and medical treatment in a timely manner. 


  1. As soon as you are injured notify your employer right away. Whether this is your direct supervisor or an HR professional it is very important you tell them immediately when you are injured. Make sure they complete a First Report of Injury. 
  2. Always notice your surroundings of where you were injured, was the floor slippery, was something broken that caused you to get injured, was anyone else around such as a co-worker? These are important details that can assist in your claim for benefits. 
  3. Make sure that they provide you with a copy of the “Panel of Physicians” that should be posted somewhere at your job site. Pick a doctor to treat with from the list
  4. If you get injured in the parking lot of your place of employment always notify your employer and have them complete a “First Report of Injury”. Parking lot injuries are often considered work related. 
  5. You get reimbursed for out of pocket medical and travel expenses (using MARTA or Uber to get to an appointment or mileage reimbursement) for doctor’s visits, therapy, and picking up medications from the pharmacy. We can make sure the adjuster is paying you for these expenses.
  6. You are entitled to a change of physician. If you are not satisfied with the care you are currently receiving you can ask your insurance adjuster for a change of physicians. He or she should refer you back to your employer’s panel.